Our Deal Criteria

M2K Partners investment goals:​

  • Acquire 500 spaces by 2020 with continued acquisition growth thereafter!

M2K Partners deal criteria:

Preferred markets:

  • North East (New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia);

  • South East (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Florida);

  • Mid-South (Tennessee, Kentucky);

  • Mid-West (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota).

 Property Criteria: 

  • 40-200 spaces (will consider larger).

  • City water/sewer preferred, but not required. NO lagoons! Underwriting guidelines.

  • Economically strong location. 

  • Identified upside potential (i.e.; rent increase, filling vacant homes/lots, lowering expenses, passing through utilities, etc.).

About Us

We are not looking to turn parks “around”, but improve on existing practices, inventory and infrastructure in best possible way while preserving your legacy and pride of small business ownership!

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Phone : 833-647-8326

Email : katerina@mhpteam.com

FAX : 1- 833- MHP-TEAM (647-8326)

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